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Get The Soulmate You Deserve 

In 4 steps to your perfect love life from a place of honesty and authenticity 


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Real Results Designed To Help You

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Amount of clients dating lives I have transformed

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3-6 Month

Average amount of time it takes to start dating your soulmate

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Years of experience as a soulmate coach

"Willy guarantees you success. We set up a coaching plan for 3 months, but due to health reasons, I had to put things on hold for a month. Willy kept his promise and stayed by my side until we accomplished my dating goals. Because success is guaranteed, to me working with Willy is a no brainer.”

Jaymal P. - England

Are you struggling with any of these problems? 

You don't know how to solve these problems?

In our free soulmate call I create a clear step by step plan on how to get you from where you are now to your happy relationship

Here is what you can accomplish with our coaching

  • 😏 Learn to create chemistry, flirt and tease, so you communicate better with women.

  • 👋 Meet more women you're interested in both in-person, and on apps like Hinge, Tinder, Dil Mil, Instagram.

  • 📲 Start landing dates by sending the right text messages, and stop getting ghosted.

  • 📅 Create deeper connections and relationships by planing fun dates.

  • 💇 Feel more attractive by upgrade your appearance so you feel and look more attractive (e.g. advise on your grooming and wardrobe).

  • 🤠 Gain confidence so you feel less anxious and more secure, when you interact with women.

  • 🔍 Find the right partner based on your lifestyle, personal needs, and criteria.

"Online dating has never worked for me, but thanks to Willy I was able to consistently get dates and in the process meet someone very special! He kept his promise to guarantee success. I highly recommend working with Willy!”

Kris S. - USA

Gain more confidence now and start dating your soulmate

For who is this coaching?

My coaching is not for everyone. Listed below you will find 4 qualities that my ideal client needs to have in order to qualify for my coaching. If you do fit these criteria's, then I am confident than nothing stands in the way anymore of me helping you to find your soulmate.  

Testimonials of happy customers 

In 4 steps to your happy relationship 

Become one of my happy customers now

How I help you to meet your soulmate 

I do highly personalized online and in person coaching. Everything from long term 1 on 1 coaching to group events. Once I assess your current situation, together we will create a custom tailored package for you that makes you achieve your dating goals in the fastest way possible. 

"As someone who struggled from low confidence issues, I would have never thought it would be possible to get back in charge of my dating life again. Thanks for believing in me Willy. It feels liberating to be back in the driver seat!”

Foday K. - Canada


This is how the free soulmate coaching call works

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Schedule your free assessment call with me personally

You fill out the contact form to schedule a free soulemate call with me. 

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Analyzing your current situation

During the call we are going to analyze your current blockages and things you want to accomplish in your dating life.


Creating a clear action plan

In the second part of the call I am going to give you very precised feedback on why you weren't able to meet your soulmate and create a personalized step by step road map on how to accomplish that goal. Afterwads, you can decide if you want to  exectue this plan on your own or with our help.  

Take control of your dating life now

Stop hoping that things will magically work itself out eventually. How many more years do you want to miss out on spending time with your soulmate?

How my coaching makes all the difference in YOUR dating life

Not a matchmaking service
I am not a matchmaking service. Most of the time matchmaking services are overpriced and are not working out. They also don't help you gain true confidence and rather keep you dependent on a service. I show my clients how to take back control of their dating life and learn how to meet their soulmate on their own.

Clear System

I am not giving you random watered down advice, leaving things up to luck. I am following a step by step system that is based on 100s of clients success data. Think of it as having a clear system, that enables you to be your most authentic and attractive self, without having to use pickup tricks or manipulative techniques.

Highly personalized holistic coaching

I am not going to send you a pdf document with some "quick 10 tips" and whish you good luck, or have you join group calls with over 30 people where you barely have a chance to speak. I focus on a personal connection. You are not just a client, you are a friend. This personal connection and attention is ensured through regular 1 on 1 calls and keeping groups to a size where everyone gets the most possible value. 


No hourly rates services

So many companies out there continue to charge you for every hour and you can never be sure if they are giving you the most efficient advice, because each hour more with you, makes them more money. I have a different philosophy. I believe in goal based coaching. 

Once I set out a goal for you, I will commit to supporting you until you have achieved your desired goal. You pay a one package price, and our work is not done until you accomplish your desired goal without any extra fees. 

Only a company that has a proven track record and trusts in their own system would offer goal based packages. 

This system allows the maximum commitment for the coach and the client to achieve the desired goal in the most efficient way. 

Authentic dating advice

I am not teaching you some manipulative pickup lines to get your next quick hook up. I focus on becoming your most authentic and confident self, that allows you to to consistently get dates and attract your soulmate naturally. 

These 3 thinking errors are holding you back to meet your soulmate

"I would have never thought that change is possible in such a short time period. Willy's step by step system gave me a clear road map and made me feel at ease when it comes to meeting my future soulmate. Thanks Willy!”

Dhilon P. - England



Soulmate Coach
Willy Beck

As a soulmate coach, I have helped countless men all around the world through my highly personalized coaching in over 16 countries to find their dream partner. I have ran workshops all over the world and worked in collaboration with some of the biggest company's of this industry. 

I spent  over 8 years travelling around the world and indulging myself in the realm of self development, behavioral - and depth psychology to put the puzzle pieces together.

As someone who has a degree in the field of therapy, I have always had a desire to help people. 

Once I figured out the puzzle pieces myself, it felt natural to me wanting to share this knowledge with the world. 


Especially, the pandemic has shown me, how lonely people are and how we all crave meaningful human connections.

The truth is, nothing fulfills me more than seeing others finally getting out of their own way and starting to live the dating life they truly deserve.

It doesn't matter where you start, it matters where you finish.

Whether you are stuck in the friendzone, don't feel confident, or shy, I made it my mission to help YOU to find your soulmate, by becoming your most authentic and confident self. 



Take the first step now to meet your soulmate

The choice is yours. You can either keep hoping that things will work itself out and be single for the next years to come, or take control of your dating life now.

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